Rhyton virtual Ad system

Basic Software features:

  • Virtual camera motions such as pan, tilt and zoom via joystick

  • Display tied-to-field Virtual image

  • Display tied-to-field animation

  • Display tied-to-field score and team badges

  • Place text anywhere on the pitch

  • Free kick arc and circle graphic (to show the free kick area (9.15m))

  • Distance to goal (draws an arrow from a given point to the goal with distance measure)


System supplementary features (optional)

  • Supporting 3 cameras (one main camera with 2 cameras for offside line)

  • Slow motion replay

  • Supporting high-quality 3D images and animation with light and shadow effect

  • Creating a complete data base for teams and players

  • 2D-3D CG to display following items:

  • Teams name and profile

  • Players, coaches, referees name, photo and profile

  • Players line up position

  • Yellow cards, red cards and substitutions

  • Display time counter

  • Display penalty kicks counter


Basic hardware equipment:

  • Graphic processing system based on NVIDIA-GFORCE

  • 10 bit SDI video I/O

  • Joystick for creating virtual camera motions


It needs to be mentioned that the main camera which is supposed to work with system, must have HD-SDI output. Naturally quality of final output highly depends on type and quality of main camera. for offside line, cameras with SD-SDI output can be used.